Astrovoids – Singleplayer/Multiplayer Asteroids Clone

This is a project I worked on around June 2014. It’s written in JavaScript, and uses the IvanK graphics library. The nice artwork isn’t my own! I used the Space Shooter Redux sprites, available here.

Mainly just a project I used to practice JavaScript, specifically OO JavaScript using the base.js library. Coming from nice OO languages like C#, I felt a bit hindered by the prototype based inheritance JavaScript offers. base.js sets out to help you there, well worth looking into!

The singleplayer code is available on GitHub:

The singleplayer version is available here:
(Use WASD to move, space to shoot)

The multiplayer version is where it gets interesting. Unfortunately, I’m not happy with the performance of the multiplayer version right now, so I’ll post an update about that later.







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