DriveEditor – Vehicle config editor for BeamNG Drive

Another desktop application! This one was actually challenging, (which makes a change from other desktop applications I’ve made) and I learned a lot while creating a useful tool at the same time!

Well, useful if you like smashing cars in BeamNG’s Drive: a softbody car physics simulator which is much more fun than it sounds! Here’s the kind of stuff you can do after editing your vehicles:

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If that’s sold you already, click here to go to the download.

So how does it work?

First, you might need to tell it where your BeamNG Drive vehicle directory is located (just go into Options->Settings), and then it will scan the chosen directory for vehicle config files. The config files are stored as .jbeam, which is some variant of JSON that I had lots of fun regex-ing to convert to valid JSON. After that, you get a screen with a huge tree on the left, and an editor on the right. You can edit values to your liking:

It saves automatically as you type, so you can hop back into BeamNG Drive and hit “CRTL+R”, and the config will be loaded!



  • Automated scanning for .jbeam files
  • Full .jbeam parsing, allowing for total flexibility of input
  • Smart lookahead (so common config arrays will be presented in a multi-column format for easy editing)
  • Type detection for boolean values (so that editing is a checkbox) and decimal/integers (so that saving them does not save them as a string, and maintains the original type)
  • Tab index to allow you to quickly move between edit boxes by pressing tab
  • Auto update checker (can be disabled)
  • Component creation by duplicating existing components
  • Node deletion
  • Custom node adding directly from the editor

Planned features

  • (done) Type detection (so numbers will be a number box, booleans will be a check box, etc.)
  • (done) Custom node adding (So you can create vehicles from within the editor)
  • (done) Tab index (So you can tab your way through values to edit them easily)



  • Added node adding
  • Recoded a major portion of the code, improving editing speeds

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Older releases:


  • Fixed bug where fullsize.jbeam would be incorrectly parsed
  • Added “Create component from…” function, so that parts can be duplicated and modified without editing the original
  • Patch v0.4.1: Made the “add new component” create JSON friendly validated names
  • Patch v0.4.2: Added automatic update checking (can be disabled) and “Delete node” option (right click on a node to open the menu)

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(August 19th, 21:00)


  • Improved (but not perfected) jbeam parsing. At least now all default files should be able to be parsed
  • Added tab indexes to text boxes, so you can easily move between edit boxes by pressing tab
  • Fixed bug where text would be truncated on long labels (oops)
  • Added type detection, so values will be loaded, presented, and saved as their original types (e.g booleans will be checkboxes, integers will be saved without quotes, etc.)
  • Allowed for window resizing

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  • Added loading screen, made it easier to browse arrays (useful for BeamNG’s use of arrays)

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v0.1 – Initial release







19 responses to “DriveEditor – Vehicle config editor for BeamNG Drive”

  1. estama avatar


    Below you’ll find a python script (that only runs regexes) to convert jbeams to json (fixes the optional commas in jbeam):

    import re
    import sys
    import os

    for fn in sys.argv[1:]:
    if not os.path.isfile(fn):
    print “file not found: “, fn
    f=open(fn, “r”)

    j = re.sub(r’\r\n’,”,j)
    j = re.sub(r’\n’,”,j)

    j = re.sub(r'((?:(?:”[^”]*?”|-?[\d.]+[eE]?[+\-]?\d?)[\s\n]*:[\s\n]*(?:”[^”]*?”|-?[\d.]+[eE]?[+\-]?\d?|[\[{]|false|true|null))|”[^”]*?”|[\]\[{}]|-?[\d.]+[eE]?[+\-]?\d?|false|true|null)’, r’\1,’, j)

    j = re.sub(r’,([^[\]{}\\”\-\dtfn]*?),’, r’,\1′, j)
    j = re.sub(r’,([^[\]{}\\”\-\dtfn]*?),’, r’,\1′, j)

    j = re.sub(r’\[,([^[\]{}”\-\dtfn]*?)\]’, r'[\1]’,j)
    j = re.sub(r’\{,[^[\]{}”\-\dtfn]*?\}’, r'{\1}’,j)

    j = re.sub(r'([[{]),(?=[^[\]{}]*?[[{“\-\dtfn])’, r’\1′, j)
    j = re.sub(r'([\]}]),(?=[^[\]{}]*?[\]}])’, r’\1′, j)
    j = re.sub(r'([“\-\dle]),(?=[^[\]{}”\-\dtfn]*?[\]}])’, r’\1′, j)
    j = re.sub(r’,$’,”,j)

    j = j.replace(”, ‘\n’)

    f=open(fn, “w”)

    1. pena30 avatar

      where do i put that script?

  2. estama avatar

    Also nice work on the editor!

    1. Oliver avatar

      Thank you very much for the regex, and thanks for the compliment! I’ll use this in the next update.

  3. […] mit dem Ihr Werte in einer grafischen Übersicht bearbeiten könnt. Den Download-Link zum DriveEditor findet Ihr hier. Eine sehr interessante und anschauliche Lektüre im PDF-Format, zum Thema Drehmoment und Drehzahl, […]

  4. topias123 avatar

    It doesn’t work, says it can’t find the vehicle files. Could it be because i didn’t install the game in C:/?

    1. topias123 avatar

      Nevermind, it was just loading slowly :p

  5. Bonbm avatar

    Can it change the color of a car?

  6. RonDo avatar

    Wow, great tool. I will try it. Thanks a lot for your effort. Do I need the script to convert all jbeam-files into json-files or does the program do that?

    1. Oliver avatar

      Thanks! The program automatically parses jbeams when you load them.

  7. SARAS avatar

    It cant find were the vehicles are i located i locate it to vehicles but it doesn’t open up a tree on the left. Any help?

  8. BlueSirius avatar

    “Warning the following jbeam files could not be parsed correctly” with engines, suspension, roll cage… Pop-up message. please can you patch the problem. Thanks

  9. Speedy387 avatar

    Please make new version of the fabulous software

  10. AbstergoMan avatar

    Where do i install this?

  11. Samuel Nathan Carr avatar
    Samuel Nathan Carr

    why are the vehicles not loading? can the program only see the first subfolder in a folder, and let me guess it also can’t see .zips, or am I just using the program wrong.

  12. CJ Clarkson avatar
    CJ Clarkson

    First, It decides to find a file that doesn’t even exist on my computer. Second, when I try to copy and paste the actual file location in the locator, it wont even let me paste it. Or type. I tried to type it in letter by letter, cut I can’t even type. Third, when I try to browse for the file, I can’t find any file related to steam or BeamNG. Please help!!!!

  13. CJ Clarkson avatar
    CJ Clarkson

    btw I am really proud of this. I am looking forward to using this and making modding vehicles that much easier. Thank you.

  14. Rob avatar

    absolutely worthless, opens nothing

    1. Johny Obvious avatar
      Johny Obvious

      Well, the program was made for a version of the game in 2013.

      You commented in 2018…. of course it wouldnt work.

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